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The Five Most Important Stages of Film Making

Do you know what film making is? Well, it is a process of developing a film from the story written by oneself or by some other hired person. The filmmaker has to do lots of things like writing a script, shooting the film, editing and then it has to be distributed to the public. Making a film means service to a lot of people and it takes several months to finish the film. This totally depends on how difficult the subject is and also various problems that would come up while making the film. However, there are five important stages of filmmaking.

Development: The source of the story can be from a book or some play, or it could also be remake of an older movie. An outline synopsis is prepared when the story is chosen. This breaks the movie down into various scenes. This is made into 25 to 30 pages, which illustrates the characters, and the mood of the story. Pre-production: The Company is made and then a life is given to the story on a story board and by using the help from concept artists and illustrators. The estimate budget for the movie is laid at this time. The film maker then hires a group which is determined by the estimated budget for the film. Production: The filming for the movie begins now and more and more crew will be required. To help manage this stage in a film making progression a director is hired and he will in charge of everything that happens. Post production: The film shot will be form more running time and hence has to be edited and the best scenes are chosen and are made into a proper movie. Distribution: The movie is then released in different theatres and then is formatted according to the need. In fact, press releases and posters are published when a proper advertising is done.

Now, you already know the five important stages of film making, you can then plan and create your own movie as soon as you understand and follow simple rules of film making.

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