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Character Development – Keep it Simple Stupid

For any newcomer to the wild world of moving making the number 1 concern is cost.  Take a breath and get down to the basics.  When setting out to create your first digital film – remember this one phrase…”Keep it Simple Stupid.”

It’s the story line that matters.  If you have a good story with well developed characters, then you have a shot at a successful film.  I’ve seen so many aspiring directors crash and burn, because they forgot to keep it simple.  Nothing brings up the cost of your film more than special effect, and nothing can do more damage to your film if that’s what you focus on.

If you’re like most movie makers then funds are always tight.  Don’t blow your wad on special effects, instead use it editing. All you need to put your film together is some decent video editing equipment.  You can usually find some decent deals on video editing equipment and software at Newegg.  Tip:  Grab a Newegg promo code to keep more of your movie money.

When you’re making your first film, keep it simple as possible.  A straight forward story with characters you actually care about.  All the special effects in the world won’t help your film, if your audience doesn’t connect with your onscreen characters.  You can never have too much character development (character development does NOT mean giving an actor more face time – it has to give you deep insight into the character – a real reason for your audience to feel and care).

Now get out there and Film!

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